What we offer

We offer creative solutions to complement rare disease therapies with focus on:

Managed Rare Disease Access & Evidence: By collecting and analysing real world evidence, we can understand better the rare disease market within а specific therapeutic area, assess the opportunity using a solid base and facilitate faster access.

RareDis Solution: Horizon Scanning & Access Strategy

RareDis Solution: Horizon Scanning & Access Strategy

Orphan drug strategy:

By collecting and analysing real life insights, we can:

Identify early suitable patients, Asses real-life drug uptake and Rx behaviour, Adapt strategy, customize tactics and optimize investments Obtaining real life data require innovative solutions to challenges such as patient profiling, prevention, diagnostics, treatment heterogeneity, therapy, rehabilitation and we apply several novel statistical solutions in order to deliver valuable input.

Orphan Drug holistic approach:we can frame and execute market access, medical, marketing and commercial plans in order to ensure successful launch of therapeutic options for rare diseases. RareDis Solution: Representation/Local Agent contract

Patient Services for Rare Diseases We can facilitate and accelerate patient access to innovative treatments by supporting navigation within the local Health Insurance System and demonstrate value. We track, measure and improve adherence for the identified patients with rare disease in an ethical, legal and compliant way.

RareDis Solution: Horizon Scanning & Access Strategy
RareDis Solution: Solutions for Improved Patient Outcome (SIPO)

Tailored trainings for Rare Diseases We can increase the productivity and competitiveness of Your Team in order to achieve peak performance faster and smoother through tailored trainings. Modules can include:

Foundational training: disease, guidelines, treatments, competitors Unique real-life patient pathway training Instructor lead brand journey training incl.: role plays, Q&A RareDis Solution: Tailored Rare Disease Training

Clinical Trials in Rare Diseases Due to our own established infrastructure, extensive network with healthcare specialists across the country and regulatory authorities we can facilitate and coordinate trials in rare diseases in order to achieve recruitment targets faster, while strictly following local regulations.